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Clay Modelling Workshop


Event Details

Sunday, 22 August 2021

15.00 - 16.30 WIB


In an era where time seems to blur, we often forget to wind down and relax. That is why we present Clayworks, our very own clay making workshop! With firsthand guidance from a speaker, you will create little Bibs and Bobs to help keep you company during these unique times.

What do the participants get :


  • Access to "ClayWorks!" Workshop

  • 1 500g terracotta clay

  • 1 set of 8 dual-ended sculpting tools

  • 6 colors of acrylic paint pots

  • 1 round nylon paint brush

  • 1 flat nylon paint brush

  • 1 sheet of instructions


If you’ve been feeling down and stressed, this workshop might help you destress! Nothing sounds better than sculpting your own tiny friends to brighten up your mood. Through this workshop, not only will you leave with adorable, sculpted clay figurines to brighten your desk and room, but you will also leave with a more relaxed state of mind!






Gabriella Chika
BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Alumni

Currently finishing her Bachelor of Fashion Design and Textile in Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore, Chika, a BINUS SCHOOL Serpong alumni has quite an interesting backstory for her love for art. She also teaches drawing as an intern whilst managing her university studies.

Her journey started when she was in 9th grade where she enrolled in her school's art and design course, a choice driven by her interest in all things art. Not knowing the challenges to come, she dived in head first and found herself struggling to keep up with the academic demands. However, the sheer difficulty of it all didn’t stop her spirits as she started to put in more effort into her creations. Fueled by the support from her peers and teachers, she managed to overcome her situation and come out on top!

Though she picked fashion design as her course in university, the skills she had learnt during high school remained useful even in her current studies. To her, art is part of her identity and the challenges she’d overcome shaped her into the talented artist she is today.


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