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Journey of the
Mind and Soul

Mental Health Webinar


Event Details

Saturday, 31 July 2021

16.30 - 17.50 WIB


In hopes of highlighting the importance of mental health amongst our society, we present our very own mental health-focused webinar! With guest speaker of our own, you will be enlightened with some personal tips and advice on how to care for your mental health.


Through joining our webinar, you will not only leave with more knowledge on how mental health affects our day to day life but you will also be moving towards a positive mental state. By the end of the webinar, you will also be receiving an official e-certificate from us as a token of appreciation for joining our event.



Ade Binarko
Founder of

Born on the 26th of March, 1979, Ade Binarko described his early childhood as being quite tough, his days often filled with bullying from his classmates. This led to health problems that began to surface in 2004 as a result of mental and physical concerns. When travelling to crowded places, he felt a sense of anxiousness, experienced severe headaches, had high heart rates and was inexplicably lethargic. He soon became suicidal, feeling that the struggle was too much to bear alive.

It was only after extensive considerations that he decided to change his lifestyle. He did this by regularly consulting with doctors, asking for help from loved ones, regularly consuming medicine, and keeping up a positive mindset. He was then able to completely turn his life around, and in 2013, decided to launch an online magazine named “”. He did this with the help of Dr. Rama: the same doctor that helped him recover from some of his darkest days. After his battles with mental health, he continues to share his experiences for people who now tread a similar path, believing mental health to be a matter of life or death.


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